In my work I explore the liminal, the ephemeral, sex, feminism, abjection and disgust. I aim to create an aesthetic representing these concepts through the use of materials which are often temporary or in a liminal state. This liminality relating to both the grotesque and the abject, I often use food stuffs and create installations which could be considered as ‘anti monumental’. Never remaining the same from one viewing to the next, inviting the viewer to a unique moment in the life of that work.

I believe in practice as research and resolve to answer my research questions which are based in philosophical and psychoanalytical theories with a visual resolution. Having studied the work of Mikhail Bakhtin and his theory on the grotesque and Julia Kristeva’s essay on abjection, these readings have rooted my practice firmly around the idea of exploring what disturbs identity, system and order. Thereby challenging and dissecting the expectations of our sexuality and uncovering truths. 

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